January - April 2019


The creative engineering community I'd always hoped to find, with the odd corgi along the way.

I hesitate to try to summarize my time at MistyWest, because no matter how I frame it, I don't think I'll be able to do it justice.

I chose MistyWest for my co-op for so many reasons. Not only did it offer me the type of team environment I was looking for, but it was founded and partially populated by graduates from my very own program. Their values were aligned with mine, and my previous experiences with Westies at UBC-hosted events had left me inspired and excited about the change that a team of creative, motivated, and like-minded engineers can make in the world.

From the variety of new technical skills I’ve acquired, to the insight I’ve gained on the type of career I might want to have, there has been no shortage of takeaways from my time here. There’s a huge amount of mutual respect and admiration within this team, and that shows through in most everything they do. I’ll be leaving MistyWest with a newfound confidence in my ability to tackle technical challenges, and I’ve also gained other skills along the way: mediocre hip-hop dancing, morning meditation, Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, pierogi making, and navigation to Vancouver’s best Poke bowl (shout out to Carp).

I’ll be heading back into my coursework with a new perspective, looking to find new ways to apply what I pick up in classes and dreaming up all kinds of new projects. I’m excited to resume full responsibility of my Co-Captain role within UBC’s Biomedical Engineering Student Team, and to apply what I’ve learned this term to create something awesome for UBC Engineering Physics’ annual summer robot competition. I’m also looking forward to keeping in touch with the Westies moving forward, and if I’m lucky, finding a way to work with this brilliant, crazy and amazing team again in the future.

Finally, I can’t wrap this up without noting that through MistyWest, I have had the opportunity to benefit from months and months of corgi cuddles, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.