September 2017 - Present

The best of BEST

Two years and two very different roles on UBC's Biomedical Engineering Student team.

UBC BEST has played an integral role in my time at the University of British Columbia. I started off as a project member working on a student-made electroencephalogram (EEG) device, which ended up earning our team second place at the 2018 international NeuroTechX competition.

I'd always imagined my role on the team would stay as a technical contributor, until the executives of the team approached me last October about joining them as a Co-Captain. In my position as COO & Co-Captain, I've had the opportunity to work closely with two brilliant leaders to keep the team funded and growing towards our collective vision. I work more closely now with industry and faculty members, represent the team at outreach events, balance the budget, handle funding applications and provide mentorship to project leads and first-year mentees through our mentorship programs.

This fall, I am beginning my transition into the lead CEO role within the team as the current CEO is graduating. I can't wait to continue supporting this team's mission to contribute to the biomedical community both locally and around the world, all while growing our members technically and professionally.