May - August 2017

Krembil Neuroscience Center

My very first engineering-related work term, and an introduction to the world of research.

Cerebrovascular reactivity mapping (CVR) is a way of non-invasively stress-testing an individual’s neurovascular system using a specially-engineered sequential gas delivery device, revealing insights into future brain health issues before symptoms occur. Further research using this technology includes Alzheimer’s and stroke prediction, concussion diagnostics and surgical assessment.

During my four months at the Krembil Research Institute, I helped with thrice-weekly patient fMRI scans, participated in weekly research-planning meetings, and analyzed thirty-two sets of patient fMRI scans which contributed significantly to one of the major projects, looking at white matter CVR in surgical patients. I also helped to facilitate a collaboration between a prominent VR firm and the lab, with the goal of displaying brains scans at room-scale for surgical planning.

At the end of the summer, I helped to write a paper summarizing our results that was later published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology.

The following October, I represented the lab and presented our work at the International Seminar for Engineering Leaders in Santiago, Chile.